Shoei VFX-W Dissent – YES PLEASE!


Some days it’s harder than others to resist spending my paycheck at work.  The day we got in our large shipment of Shoei VFX-W Dissent helmets was one of the hardest.

I haven’t owned a working car since I started riding in early 2009, so I demand a lot from my helmets.  Not only do I have a head that’s hard to fit well, I spend a lot of time in a helmet in all kinds of weather (heat, rain, snow…).  Because of how many miles I put on two wheels (roughly 20,000 miles per year), I am going to wear out a helmet much faster than the average rider.  I also want the safest helmet I can afford, since I depend on it daily.

My street helmet search finally ended when I bought my Shoei RF-1100 earlier this year.  This was my first high-end helmet and I was in love.  Why had I waited this long to get a quality helmet??  Not only does it give me superior peace of mind over my previous helmets, it has held up remarkable well over the last 10,000+ miles.  Where previous helmets would show significant wear in looks and fit by now, the RF-1100 still looks and feels barely broke in.

I am still looking for the perfect offroad helmet, though.  I own a few, but none of them quite fit the bill.  After my success with the RF-1100, Shoei’s VFX-W seemed like the perfect candidate.  What was holding me back was the price.  I don’t wear dirt helmets as often, unless I’m commuting on my supermoto or trail riding.  So, it was hard for me to justify spending that much on a second Shoei helmet that wouldn’t get as much saddle time.

And then in came the shipment of VFX-W Dissents on a steal of a closeout deal.  Not only are the graphics awesome, they’re over $200 off, for cryin’ out loud.  They’re clawing at my wallet.


Hello, good lookin’! Pretty in pink.  (But available in other colors, too!)

I tried one on.  That was a mistake.

They’re incredibly comfortable and remarkably light on your head.  Based on the reviews of friends and coworkers who have this helmet, it’s awesome to ride in.  It vents well and is well-balanced while riding.  And, of course, it comes with the superior construction, research, and safety that are inherent in all Shoei helmets.  (And, of course, Shoei’s 5-year warranty from the date of purchase!)

There are only two downsides I’ve ever heard about this helmet.  One comes from my friends who race hare scrambles:  It’s hard to look up in this helmet if wearing it with a Leatt neck brace.  This is not an issue that comes up often for motocross or dual sport riders. However, it’s definitely an issue for riders doing a lot of hill climbs with a Leatt brace.  The other complaint I’ve heard comes from adventure touring group riders:  It doesn’t fit a communication system well enough.  The ear cutouts are not recessed enough to fit speakers very well for some riders, depending on their head shape and which communication system they have.

Since I do not own a Leatt brace nor a communication system (nor do I race hare scrambles), I can’t foresee any negatives to owning this helmet.

One of these days soon I just need to bite the bullet and get the VFX-W Dissent.  I am not saving any money by repeatedly buying lesser helmets.  I should get the best and be done with my search.  Get yours here.

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