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The Best Prices to Beat the Heat

It’s getting warm out there!  If you haven’t already stocked your motorcycling emergency supply closets with the coolest in warm-weather riding gear and accessories, we have to ask: what are you waiting for?

Rusty has been busy finding some killer deals on not only mesh jackets and pants to keep you cool yet protected while you’re on your bike, but high-end sunglasses, evaporative vests, thirst bladders and more!  No matter what type of bike you ride or the size of your wallet, these are great deals for everyone.  Check out the deals today!

River Road TFL Cool Leather

Beat the Heat… In Leather!

Ahh, black leather motorcycle jackets in the middle of summer.  It is the motorcyclists’ version of wearing a sweat suit in a sauna!  It’s because of this that we sell lots of mesh and textile between Spring and Fall.

However, if you don’t want to sacrifice the awesome that comes with wearing a leather jacket (in order to arrive at your destination without pockets of sweat on your shirt), take a look at the River Road Cool Leather gear.

The TFL Cool System is a tech that reflects up to 80% of solar rays so that feeling of your jacket getting warmer and warmer as you ride longer and longer is greatly reduced!

Take a look at our selection of Cool Leather products by River Road.  The Muskogee jacket, Seneca jacket and Pueblo overpants come with a two-year warranty and are available in a variety of sizes.

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