Pre-Bike Show Bike Rally!

Pre-bike show bike rally…  That doesn’t read right.

Regardless, the Heart of America Motorcycle Enthusiasts, a group of folk who share nothing in common except for their love of riding two and three-wheeled machines and then telling lies about their adventures, is having a huge show on Sunday, the 9th.  But before that show happens, they’re having a celebratory pre-show rally in Kansas City during First Fridays!

If you’re in the area, come on down to KC Brake at 19th & McGee between 6pm and 8pm for a bunch of bench racing and oogling at some (usually) rare machinery.

Warning:  If you’ve never been in the Crossroads area during First Fridays, it’s a pedestrian-fest.  With all the art galleries open extra late and new exhibits being premiered,  expect a lot of walking traffic and slow-going.  Don’t let it frustrate you though; just ride your ass down to KC Brake and we’ll have a great time!

See ya there!

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