Pins of the Week

Pins of the Week

As some of you may know by now, Motorcycle Closeouts has an enthusiastic team of pinners throwing love upon our Pinterest boards all the time!  In the few weeks the boards have been up, we’ve flooded them with more images of hot bikes, hot gear and hot hot than we can keep up with!

So, welcome to the first Pins of the Week post on the blog!

Mindy chose Hunter S Thompson sitting on a Softail and having a stretch as one of her fave pins this week.  ”“Sleep late, have fun, get wild, drink whiskey and drive fast on empty streets with nothing in mind but falling in love and not getting arrested.”Gonzo Words to live by… and who doesn’t love guns and motorcycles!?”

On her second pin, she chose a hot red number on a hot red number.  Sticking with the old school.  In her words: “I appreciate Harley’s line of AMF Aermacchi’s but I can’t decide if it’s the broad in her moto fancy getup or the bike that I like more in this pic. The girl gives this bike a touch of sexy with a splash of badass making me envious that I’m not the one on the bike… in red leather!”


Natasha’s pins were less old school and definitely less gritty.

She is very much into the Summer Season and her comment on why this was one of her favorite pins this week shows that.

“Blonde Bombshell… Confident Yellow! Summer ride.”


Her second pin for this week doesn’t have a motorcycle in it at all, but an old white Custom 500 T-X with a bubble shield against an equally stark background.  It’s a great picture.


Personally, my first choice was this dog rocking the old Captain America lid from Easy Rider.  No explanation as to why I like this pic, but is an explanation really necessary?


My final pick for this week is one of Mindy’s choices for our Two-Wheel Faves board. She’s been known to be a pervy old lady and this pic proves it, but I find it too funny not to share. It is disturbing, funny, scary and at the same time, a really good picture. Hell, just look at that dude’s smile; there’s something crazy going on in that head of his.

If you haven’t already seen our boards on Pinterest, definitely take a look and let us know what your favorites are!






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