Pins of the Week

Pins of the Week!

Valri summed this up in one word: “Motocross.”


Batman said, “Just when you think you’ve seen it all, here’s a parrot riding a motorcycle in a Santa hat.”

Jace is getting into the holiday spirit early with this pin: “Repurpose old motorcycles into a unique outdoor table via Green Renaissance on Facebook.”

Valri says, “Motocross. Totally Badass.” Girls can play, too!

Jace is continuing on that holiday spirit theme with this fitting post for the holiday weekend!

Batman says, “Epic jacket is epic.”



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Okay, I'm not Batman. But, I am an avid motorcyclist and a master of puns. My introduction to the addictive world of motorcycling began in early 2009, with a 50cc off-brand scooter. Several motorcycles and about 75,000 miles later... Yeah, I'm definitely hooked! I have a special affinity for supermotos and naked bikes.

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