Pins of the Week

Pins of the week

Mindy’s first pin of the week, “I Love these bags, they look like they hold a few secrets about this road gypsy’s travels… and I have a few boots that would match perfectly”. That’s no lie, she loves her fringe boots!

Her second post for the week, “Sex appeal and freedom make for a great ride”.

My first post for the week, “Where ever you get these, just send me the bill”. I would love to show off this helmet.

My final post for the week, “Long hair, don’t care” enough said.

Last but not least Keith’s first post of the week, “Matchless Speedo on the Motorcycle Closeouts Blog”. Big tachs need love too.

His second post of the week was also featured in Wednesday’s post, “1198r on the Motorcycle Closeouts Blog”.

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