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Mindy’s first pick: “The Next Hurricane Hannah Or Evil Knievel? I’m leaning towards Evil Knievel by the looks of those wicked boots” Either way that is one brave little guy!

Her second pick: “I’m a sucker for a Custom 500, but this Design from last years 21 helmets show has my name written all over it,” a helmet the rock gods would be proud of!

Keith’s first post: “If Stormtroopers were in black armor.. And rode BMWs instead of speeders.. They’d look like this guy: an all-purpose badass.” Taking it back, all the way to the Star Wars era.

For his second post: “I’m a sucker for gauges and dials and this bike has 3 more than what is truly necessary.” If you needed any more information from your ride then this, then your no longer enjoying it!

Here is my first post: “As posted above Kiera on anything makes it look better! Love the Nude catsuit!! Leave it to Channel, ‘This is a man’s world
But it wouldn’t be nothing, nothing without a woman or a girl’ brilliant,” if not enough already said check out the steamy video!

My second photo: “I could only imagine that the photographer was playing Green Eyes by Coldplay when doing this shoot. Beautiful model, hot bike, great picture. “

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