Pins of the Week

Pins of the Week

It’s that time again where we share our Motorcycle Closeouts Pins of the Week!  It’s our effort to share the stuff we like and to prove that there are more than just pics of wedding dresses and cupcakes out there on Pinterest!

Lacoste L!ve helmet and visor

First up is one of Natasha’s picks: this jet helmet by clothing manufacturer Lacoste.  ”Love this! Perfect glow and color combo.”

Honda CRF250 Chimera motorcycle


The other pin Natasha posted to the board was a monster.  A Chimera, to be exact!  This 250cc Honda dirtbike powerplant was massaged into a custom frame to make a super sexy and super potent road race bike.


pictures of vespas racing

This first of my two pics really needs no introduction as it is what it is.  It may need some explanation however.
Overseas, vintage races include older monocoque scooters such as these Vespas!  Dragging knee on a metal-framed step-through is nothing new and it proves that with the proper skill, you can go fast on anything!

Leah Peterson stunt riding in a dress

The last pin of the week is actually one of Mindy’s pins.  Icon Motorsport athlete, Leah Peterson, donning a dress, matching helmet and matching paint on her bike to do a little winter time stunt riding.

Check back with us next week for our Pins of the Week and let us know your faves!

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