Pins of the Week

Pins of the Week!

Natasha’s words of wisdom: “Don’t try this at home!”

Batman shows her tree-hugger side with this pin. “BMW’s new electric scooter? I’m not sold on the price, among other things… I do like theory of it and am curious to see where electric motorcycles and scooters will be in the next 5-10 years.”

Look, Ma, no hands! … or feet! Valri pinned this epic motocross shot!

Meanwhile, Travis says, “Look, Ma! One wheel!”

Jace pinned this for his birthday. Happy Birthday, Jace!

Jamie says, “So, this is LOVE!”

Natasha sums it up: “Live. Ride.”

MCC employees have dreams, too. Travis pinned this: “So… my birthday is coming up if someone wants to hook it up, I’m ok with that!”

Batman is no “dark knight” with this pin! “One-piece textile suits are the “highlight” of fall riding fashion! This is the Olympia Phantom One Piece Suit- perfect for commuting, touring, or infiltrating a highlighter factory undetected.”

Jamie has a motto to live by: “‘GEAR’ Because it Works!”

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