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  • The 10 Best Motorcycle Jackets For Hot Weather (reviews)

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    Riding is meant to be enjoyable but it’s very difficult to enjoy yourself when your gear is making you miserable. In the summer months, having the right jacket is an absolute must if you want to stay safe and comfortable throughout the heat of the day. We’re often asked about the best jackets for summer riding. Naturally, you’ll want a mesh jacket for maximum airflow in hot weather. Beyond that,… Read More

  • Staff Favorite: Shoei VFX-W Helmet – K-Dub 3

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    This week, our Staff Favorite Pick features Jace and his dream helmet, the Shoei VFX-W Helmet – K-Dub 3.  Jace works at our retail store in Smithville, MO.  He has been racing hare scrambles since 2006, and has several championships under his belt.  He recently made the decision to step up to a Shoei helmet. “What first drew you to the K-Dub 3?” I’ve always wanted a Shoei, but the… Read More

  • Shoei RF-1100 Review: Put a Price on Your Head

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    My head isn’t an easy fit.  I’ve tried out a lot of helmets over the years.  Some fit better than others.  All were either “low budget” or mid-level helmets.  Many saw thousands of miles of use.  Only two were crash tested.  Most recently,  I was hit by a car a couple of weeks before Christmas.  I was wearing a Shoei RF-1100. It was about 10,000 miles earlier that I had… Read More

  • Dangers of Spring Riding – Things to Remember

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    Maybe you’re fortunate enough to have ideal riding weather all year, but a vast majority of this country doesn’t share that luxury.  Many riders know the painful withdrawal of winter storage.  This winter has been especially brutal, which is going to make the arrival of spring that much sweeter.  I do ride all year, but it is out of necessity.  Winter riding is not fun to me, and I rarely… Read More

  • Beyond Your Gear: How to Be Prepared for Your First Track Day

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    Besides proper riding gear, there are other requirements and tips that will help ensure you and your bike are both ready and prepared to make the most of your first track day.  Every track will have its own requirements and conditions, so be sure to confirm with your local track before heading out. TAPE YOUR LIGHTS! Almost every track requires that you have your lights “taped up” for a track… Read More

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