New Indian, Same Old (Astronomical) Pricing


According to a Ride Apart, the new Indian Chief V-Twin motorcycle is going to be sold this summer at a price of $19,000.

Purchased by Polaris Industries, the hope is that reviving the brand will bring big new things onto the roads of America and beyond, but with the last couple of attempts at firing new life into the brand have failed, the exclusive price tag seems unfortunately familiar.

Ride Apart’s Tim Watson seems to think that the issue is that Indian Motorcycle won’t stay dead.  I don’t believe that is the problem.  In my opinion, the real issue is the continued inability for Indian to produce a bike with a normal price of entry, especially now during these economically questionable times.

I had hope to see the first bike from the New Indian Motorcycle Company to be a Scout; something with easy handling, easy looks and easy on the wallet.  I’ve never run an automotive company before, but I assume that producing a bike that more riders can imagine as a reality in their garage first, would lead to flagship super heavyweights later.

To read more on Ride Apart’s Indian article, jump here.

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