My Race In Chanute, KS

Jace Racing

Over the weekend I had the opportunity to go to a race in Chanute, Ks. The race was put into a split race format which means the novice class and junior class race first. Then the Pro’s and the intermediate classes race after they are finished. I ride a 2008 Rm 250, and race in the C advanced class. After the first race was over I was able to go on a practice lap to ride the course and see it in person. When it came time for my race I went to the start line. The air was filled with noise from the two stroke bikes. When it was time for my class to start my stomach started to turn. I was able to get out in front of the rest of the riders and was in the lead until I went down after my tire washed out in the rocks. My bars bent, so I rushed back to my pit to straighten them up as much as I could. I was upset that after all of the work my dad and I did that they had bent during the race. But, I was able to get back on the track, and in the first lap I came through scoring in tenth place. I worked my way up from the back until the finish line. By the end of the two hour race I came through in fifth place. The course was actually pretty fun and perfectly muddy from the recent rain. I had a great time, and got a chance to get out in front for a little while leading the race. The reason I ride and race is because it is what I love to do. When I get on my bike I am able to get away and not worry about anything. My parents are a big help, they are the reason I get to do the sport that I love.

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