MCCLovin Introduction

As a little introduction for myself, one thing you may start to notice with my posts, I love vintage motorcycle related stuff! The older the bike, the better! Personally having a 1980 CX500C, a garage full of parts for it and many more parts on the way, it’s more of an obsession really. My wife doesn’t think I will ever be done tinkering with my CX; to be honest, I don’t think I will be either. If I could find and afford it, I would own a few different motorcycles including early Indian’s, BSA’s, probably a Triumph or two, and finally MOST Definitely a sidecar for the kid.

One thing I constantly have issues with is finding NEW gear with that truly vintage look and feel and with the protection a daily rider like me needs.

If you are like me and really want that vintage look and feel without having dig through lots of random barns like the History Channel’s American Pickers, take a look at the River Road lineup. Although they offer several modern styles, they also offer a nice selection of vintage looking leathers with that distressed look and feel you would expect from your favorite jacket. The River Road Vintage Leather has that “Favorite Jacket” feel without the need to wear it from your High School days until your mid-thirties first. Since time is money, think of all the money you saved by getting that feeling from the first time you put it on! Yeah… that line didn’t work with my wife either, but hey I still love the Hoodlum jacket anyway… and my wife.

So, if you have that urge for everything vintage like I do, take a look at River Road gear.

And Remember, have fun and ride safe!

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