GoPro HERO3 Plus vs Garmin VIRB

Brand Name, Amazing Quality, Similar Price… So What Is The Difference? 

If you have also been asking yourself these same questions, I have broken them both down for you to help make up your mind!

GoPro HERO3 Plus Black Edition Digital Video Camera - AdventureGarmin VIRB Elite Action Digital Video Camera







For starters the HERO3 Plus Black Edition is slightly smaller than the Garmin VIRB Elite, but not by much. One great feature the VIRB Elite offers is a more easily accessible sliding switch for powering on and off. Although both cameras can film at 1080p, the HERO3 Plus Black Edition can record in as high as 4kp15 which is the newest and best quality out there at this time. However, unless you plan to play your movie at a IMAX, you are more likely record at 1080p anyway. Garmin being well known for their GPS systems has also added bonus features of a highly-sensitivity GPS, accelerometer, and barometric altimeter to the VIRB Elite camera its self! That just makes a few less things you have to pack. Each of the cameras have waterproof cases, the VIRB Elite is already made to be water resistant but in case you want to take the camera for a dive you will want to buy the extra diving case. Additionally, each camera has several alternative mounts that can be placed not only on your bike, but your helmet and body as well! Both cameras have Wi-Fi so you can connect to it from a smart phone or a wireless remote. A wireless remote is included with the GoPro Black Edition. Finally, both cameras also have another option that is $100 less in price, but with a few adjustments in the awesome features listed above.

GoPro HERO3 Plus Black Edition Digital Video Camera - Adventure side

Garmin VIRB Elite Action Digital Video Camera top







So, what is my verdict you ask? Well I believe both have their place as being the “better” option, it just depends on what you’re wanting to do with the final product. Comparatively for the average user, you really can’t go wrong with the picture quality of either camera. The videos and memories you create with these cameras are what the products were meant for. With price and average user video quality being the same, that leaves you really only comparing the extra features as your deciding factor.

Another thing to consider: GoPro cameras have been around for years and have a huge customer base already. Because of this GoPro has proven themselves as being worth your money! Garmin is also a very well-known technologically advanced brand who has been making awesome products for years. That said, Garmin is new to the camera market.

Still cannot decide? Seeing is believing, checkout these comparison videos here: and

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