Google Street Tour of a Motorcycle Dealership?

newspaper article about MotoCorsa

We’ve all seen Google’s Street View app of Google Maps…  And the hilarity that it captures sometimes.  But I’ve never seen Street View go inside of a dealership before!!

a picture of motocorsa in portland

The Corsa family

Arun Sharma and crew at the multiple-award winning Ducati dealership, MotoCorsa are known for being innovative but being able to tour their dealership via the interwebs…

Well, it kinda takes the cake!

Using Street View, you can virtually walk through the front door of MotoCorsa and view the many Ducati models on display in their museum of amazing.  Not only that, your tour allows you to sort of shop the product hanging on the walls as well as see an employee or two hard at work!

Virtual Tour of MotoCorsa!

As cool as the virtual tour of the dealership is, make sure you pay them a visit in real life if you’re ever in Portland.  Hell, make a road trip out of it!  Having the Street View tour is very cool, but nowhere near as cool as meeting the guys that make cool it happen every day!

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