Gift Ideas for the Motorcycle Lover

Motorcycle enthusiasts tend to be passionate about riding.  If they love motorcycles so passionately, you would think they’d be easier to shop for.  But, if you have someone on your holiday list that loves to ride, you probably know how hard it is to find that perfect, relevant, motorcycle-related gift.  Even if you’re a fellow rider yourself, there is no accounting for taste when it comes to riding gear and accessories, let alone sizing.  This makes gifting anything like a jacket or helmet nearly impossible, unless the person has provided you with a specific item and size (and that ruins the surprise!).

Knowing how hard it can be to find that perfect, motorcycle-themed gift, I’ve put together a list of some universal gift ideas that can apply to a wide range of riders and riding styles.  All of these are items I currently own and swear by, or desperately wish I owned:


GoPro HERO3 Plus Black Edition Digital Video Camera – Adventure


Action cameras keep getting better and better.  The latest GoPro is small, light, versatile, and durable beyond belief.  Your loved one can mount this on their ride, or on their helmet.  They can capture the memories of that great ride or epic race.  They can become a YouTube superstar.  They can make their mothers cringe all over again by reliving that “Look, Ma, no hands!” moment.  The HERO3+ includes a wireless Wi-Fi remove, 30% longer battery life, exceptional low light capturing abilities, and “SuperView”– which is essentially a fancy term for “epic wide angle shot!”  And did I mention it records in professional quality, fit for the silverscreen?  There are a ton more features packed into this surprisingly small and easy-to-use camera.  Check it out.





Cardo Scala Rider Q3 Single
scalarider Q3

Bluetooth compatible.  Voice activation compatible.  Call your mother.  Argue with your GPS.  Chat with up to 4 riders who have a compatible Scala Rider.  Listen to music.  This thing has exceptional audio quality (both for phone calls and music), ridiculous battery life (up to 8 hours of talk time, or 1 week on standby), and is certified waterproof and dustproof.  It’s simple to use with gloves on.  It has a low profile and easily installs in almost any helmet.  I could go on.  There are a lot of cool features here.  You can check it out for yourself.



Airhawk Comfort Air Seating Cushion

This will literally Save Your Ass.  Gel gets hot.  Foam goes flat.  This is a patented air pocket technology.  You can adjust the air level to your own comfort.  And it will seriously double your ride time.  My Airhawk is my most beloved touring/commuting accessory.  It used to be that a weekend ride to Chicago (from Kansas City) left me sore and exhausted.  There is something about doing about 1500 miles in less than 3 days…  I would show up at my parents’ house Saturday afternoon and go straight to bed for a nap.  With the Airhawk, I show up no more sore or tired than if I had driven a comfortable, mid-sized sedan.  I’d park the bike after doing 560 miles in less than 9 hours and go out for a relaxing dinner with the family.  I cannot rave about this product enough.  I love it so much, I even used it when I rented a car for a long road trip.  I’ve used it as a pillow when camping beside my motorcycle.  It seriously made a night and day difference on the comfort and enjoyability of my motorcycle road trips, giving me more time to enjoy myself at my destination and less time recovering from the journey.  The Airhawk is available in a variety of sizes, based on the size of the seat.  It’s even available for passengers.  It’s available here.



Xena Disc Lock Alarm – XX-14 Series

xena disc lock alarm


Motorcycle thieves are scum.  This disc lock helps protect your loved one’s beloved ride.  It comes equipped with an alarm that is both shock and motion sensitive.  If any scumbag motorcycle thief tries to move their bike–even just to get it up off the kickstand– they will get an earful of 110, head-splitting decibels.  And unlike an alarm system you install in your bike, this one won’t wear down your motorcycle battery.  Speaking of batteries, the battery is replaceable.  And even without a battery, it still doubles as a standard disc-lock:  Even if the thief wears earplugs, they’re not going to be able to roll the bike more than a few inches before the disc lock reaches the forks or the rotors.  Yes, it is available here.

Bully Disc Lock Reminder

bully disc lock reminder

For less than five bucks more, this will help protect your loved one from their own stupidity.  Namely, from attempting to ride off with their disc lock still installed.  You would think the alarm alone would prevent this, but it’s always wise to have a backup.  This simple device attaches to the lock on one end and loops onto the handlebar with the other.  Think of it as a “Note To Self.”  It may also keep them from picking the bike up off the kickstand before removing the disc lock, and thus from setting off the alarm while everyone in the parking lot stares at them like an idiot.  You can help them save face and potential damage to their bike for one easy payment of $4.99.



NOCO Genius G1100 7 Step Battery Charger
genius g1100
This battery charger not only genius, it’s idiot-proof.  It will automatically diagnose the state of the battery and transition through its 7-step charging and maintenance process.  You can set it and forget it (and it is ridiculously easy to set it!).  It will not over-charge.  It has settings for both 12-volt and 6-volt batteries.  It charges twice as fast as a standard charger while using half the power.  This is a fantastic tool I use to winterize and maintain my motorcycles, thus saving me from having to buy a new battery every spring.  I’ve owned other chargers and this one is by far my favorite.  You can find it here.


Stop & Go Mini Air Compressor
stop and go mini air compressor

Proper tire pressure is vital to the way your motorcycle rides and handles.  Even one pound of pressure can make a noticeable difference.  The trouble is, tire pressure ideally should be checked and adjusted while the tires are still cool, before a ride.  Unless you have an air compressor at home, this means riding to the nearest gas station with a handful of quarters.  Even if you do have a compressor at home, your ride doesn’t always begin at home.  Well, this epic little guy can be used on-the-go, powered by your motorcycle battery.  It’s compact and weighs less than a pound.  Wherever and whatever you ride, this is a fantastic asset to insure you get the most out of your ride.



On Any Sunday – Director’s Special Edition
on any sunday
This is one of the most famous and classic motorcycle movies ever made.  It’s entertaining, fascinating, humorous, and insightful… and very inspiring.  Featuring Steve McQueen, Malcolm Smith, and other icons of the motorcycle world.  This film belongs on the shelf of anyone and everyone who loves motorcycles.  And this version is a 2-disc special edition with a ton of extras, like interviews, behind-the-scenes, and never-before-seen bonus footage.  And you can watch it with them and maybe catch the motorcycle bug yourself.  Seriously, get this movie.







Road-Spirit Bell
road spirit bell
Protect your loved one from the dreaded Road Gremlins!  The concept of the road bell is a beloved tradition in the motorcycle community, dating back more than 50 years.  The legend goes that attaching this bell to your motorcycle guards the bike from “Road Gremlins,” the true source of all mechanical problems and riding mishaps.  The concept of a bell being used to ward off evil spirits is almost as old as civilization itself.  The motorcycle community has embraced this whimiscal version with their own twist.  There are a variety of bell designs available– religious-themed, military-themed, badass-themed (skulls, longhorns, etc)…  There’s a bell for everyone!  Your loved one will know you care about their safe return and you can carry on a fun and proud tradition.






Tour Master Silk Glove Liner
tour master silk glove liners
I couldn’t believe the difference these made in my cold weather riding.  Not only are they very comfortable and stuff easily into a jacket pocket, they keep my hands so much warmer on a cold morning.  Throwing these under under my favorite cold weather riding gloves allow me to keep my hands from aching down into much lower temperatures.  These are a popular favorite by many employees and customers here at Motorcycle Closeouts, because they are so inexpensive and efficient.  These would make an awesome stocking stuffer.







Crampbuster Standard
Your right hand gets tired on a long ride, especially in your wrist and forearm.  It’s the one part of your body you can never fully relax.  There’s nothing like getting a bad hand cramp on a ride.  You can stretch and wiggle every part of your body… except your throttle hand.  This simple, inexpensive device allows you to relax your grip on the throttle, by resting your wrist or hand on the Crampbuster itself.  This is safer than devices that lock the throttle in place.  It’s sized to fit standard 1 and 1/8 inch grips, but can be used on the 7/8 inch bars found on many dual sports– just wrap electrical tape around the end of the grip where you want to install it, to make the grip thicker at that point.  If your loved one has oversized grips, there is a Crampbuster for that, too.  The standard one is the more common size needed, if you have to guess.  You can find the standard size here.  It is another awesome stocking stuffer.



And there you have it.  That’s an epic list of epic motorcycle-related gifts that are applicable to a wide range of riders and riding styles.  Whatever your budget or whatever your loved one rides (and whether they’ve been naughty or nice!), there’s bound to be something on that list that may be just perfect.  And you can finally check them off your list!  Or, add me to yours… ;-)  Happy Holidays!

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