Get on your Bike and Ride 200 Miles of Kansas Gravel

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What is Dirty Kanza 200?  Dirty Kanza 200 (DK200) is a solo, self-supported, non-stop, 200-mile-long bicycling endurance challenge on the gravel and dirt roads of the Flint Hills region in east-central Kansas.  It’s one of the ultimate tests of endurance and will power.  You must be able to ride for hours on end, focus on the task at hand and persevere through adversity.  In most years, less than 20 percent of entrants finish the race.  Why would anyone want to ride for 15 – 18 hours on a bicycle?  Why would anyone want to ride 200 miles of Kansas gravel?  Let’s face it, anyone who looks at a bicycle seat and thinks to themselves, “I can sit on that for 15 to 18 hours” must have some sort of iron callus where the sun don’t shine, or lives in their own world.  I have been accused, from time to time, of the latter.  How did I come to decide that I wanted to attempt the DK200, let alone finish?

I first heard about the DK200 during a friends attempt in 2011.  He was 130 miles into the ride when a rainstorm ripped across the Kansas terrain.  He was unable to pedal through the rain and ensuing mud bog to complete the course.  I was intrigued by his attempt and asked him some questions.

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Initially my friend’s response about the event was one of frustration for completing just 130 miles and not finishing.  After some time passed we talked again and I asked the same question, why?  His answer was less about finishing and more about the adventure.  Hmmm, adventure… now I’m intrigued, and thus began my adventure to complete the Dirty Kanza 200.

In this multipart series I will tell you the two year story of my DK200 adventure.  I’ll give you some insight into the training, nutrition, and the fun I had.  Stay tuned and enjoy the RIDE.

Search for Dirty Kanza 200 on the web for more information.

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