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Speed and Strength Speed Shop Gear

Kevin, our Speed and Strength dude, stopped by the shop to show us some of the already released Speed Shop line.  He had already shared the Speed Shop jacket in the past, but we all spent our available time with the garment wearing it around and admiring how awesome we looked.  Before I could grab the camera to take pictures, Kevin had to leave and off in the distance, the sound of the Price is Right fail horn could be heard, softly booming across the grassy plains.

SS600 Helmet from Speed and Strength

SS600 Helmet from Speed and Strength

Today, Kevin came with extra time so we could take pictures and continue running around the building wearing the jacket.  He also brought the Speed and Strength SS600 Helmet and the super-lightweight Speed Shop boots.  To round out the presentation, he threw a pair of Strip Search gloves at us and told us to go wild.

Wild we can do.

After the hoonage died down, we took a hard long look at the Speed and Strength gear and fell in love with the overall styling.  The boots had a synthetic leather upper which I first saw as a detriment, but after picking them up, the lack of heavy leather actually made them pretty darned desirable.  And they were very comfy too.  My personal riding boot of choice is the Icon Elsinore and with the Speed Shop measuring in at around half the height of my boot, it felt like a quarter of the weight!  The synthetic material felt a slightly thinner than on the Elsinore as well which may lead to a quicker break-in than what I experienced with my boots.

The Strip Search gloves were a nice, affordable surprise.  I rock RSD Diesel mitts when I ride and the Speed and Strength items were very comparable in terms of fit and weight.  The finish was solid and the design was nice and plain for riders who are in the hunt for a tough-looking, no nonsense glove.  The palms are padded and reinforced with exterior stitched seams on the fingers for comfort.  Leather-covered TPU knuckle protection is perforated for venting and a Velcro wrist closure finishes off the list of features.

And then there’s that damned jacket.

The Speed Shop jacket is handsome cowhide garment that looks good on a variety of bikers.

Cruiser? Check.

Cafe racer guys? Obviously.

Leather-lovin’ sport bike owners? Will do.

This jacket looks good with everything, looks good everywhere, yet doesn’t look like every other black leather jacket rolling along on the street.  A drum rolled finish and tasteful accents set the Speed Shop apart, giving it a unique look and feel.  Speaking of feel, the jacket is very comfortable on with a decent amount of stretch at the shoulders and a relaxed bend in the elbows.  This jacket is sexy, safe and.. Well, the sexy alone is the reason I want it.

All of these items are available now at Motorcycle Closeouts!



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