Month of Heat: Women’s Mesh Motorcycle Gear Post 2

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As promised here is the next set of gear on my top picks list for Summer 2013! I really want to give you female riders some great gear that will be awesome in the heat as well as in your wallet! For this weeks post I have done it again with a complete outfit that I think you will love.

Camo is not just for the boys ladies, Alpinestar made this ultra fitted Women’s Mesh Jacket to help keep you cool in summer! I really wanted to go for the girl who has a little tomboy style, but isn’t afraid to show off that she is female too! We are all daddy’s girls at heart, so what if we picked up some of his style in addition to his good looks! I really think that paired with this jacket the MotoLisa Jeans is a perfect match in style and protection. We got a chance to try these jeans on here in the store and they fit great, I was able to fit into my regular jean size which is not always the case for other Kevlar Jeans.

I put this combo together with our Bell Arrow Solid Helmet because it is a helmet I sell often for women here in the store. From my experience ladies with thin facial features seem to fit well in this helmet due to the extra padding (not to say that you must have a thin face to fit into this helmet). Finishing touch is our Scorpion Women’s Skrub Glove, which has several colors to choose from incase you want to add a touch of color to your gear. I think that they look cool and add just the right amount of edginess to complete this look.

My last suggestion for this set of motorcycle gear is our Speed and Strength Women’s MotoLisa Boot. I really like the detailing they put into this boot with the buckles and the raised sides, it makes the features really stand out and look like a high end boot. If you need a new riding shoe this boot is a good option to consider. Once again to buy this set of gear in this weeks post visit our Street Combo section and view my top picks for this month!

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