Speed and Strength Speed Shop Gear

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Kevin, our Speed and Strength dude, stopped by the shop to show us some of the already released Speed Shop line.  He had already shared the Speed Shop jacket in the past, but we all spent our available time with the garment wearing it around and admiring how awesome we looked.  Before I could grab the camera to take pictures, Kevin had to leave and off in the distance, the sound of… Read More

Gear Preview: ALiAS Motocross


Our buddy JG stopped in last week to show off his new favorite set of MX gear, the A1 by ALiAS MX. ALiAS has a very short history in the world of motorcross apparel, only appearing on scene after being founded in November of 2011.  With a partnership from the GEICO Honda sueprcross team shortly after, the riders and designers put their heads together and developed a set of athlete-inspired… Read More

Gear Preview: Firstgear Motorcycle Gloves


        A motorcyclists’ hands are probably the most important tools used when piloting a motorcycle.  Not only do they control the speed and rate of deceleration, they also help in steering and weighting our machines.  As important as they are, many times we overlook the importance of keeping our hands safe and comfortable until it is too late. Wearing gloves is an obvious way to protect one’s digits,… Read More