Gear Preview: Fly Racing Tourist Motorcycle Helmet

Fly Racing Tourist Street Helmet at

During out visit from Brian, he unboxed a rather unusual street helmet from Fly Racing’s street line, the Tourist.

With it’s super big face shield, the Tourist helmet from Fly Racing looks like a very different type of full-face motorcycle helmet.  And, it is different, but mostly due to the fact that it is a three-quarter helmet in disguise!

Fly Racing Tourist helmet at

Fly Racing Tourist motorcycle helmet in 3/4 mode

The helmet comes with a removable chin bar, not unlike the Nolan N43.  It also comes with an extra dark tinted shield and peak that can be swapped out without using tools.  When the weather gets chilly, the Tourist comes with a breath box-integrated chin curtain that snaps into the chin bar!

The helmet retails for a little over a hundred dollars and should be available soon at!

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