Field Trip: 2013 World of Wheels Show


This past weekend was the 53rd O’Reilly Auto Parts World of Wheels show.  If you’ve never been to this Kansas City show, it is simply a gathering of motorcycles and automobiles under one roof.  But that’s generalizing by quite a bit as it’s much, much more than that.

picture of a harley-davidson custom motorcycle.

Split personalities on this Harley Davidson bagger. One side was a solid mint-green metallic, the other was all skulls and darkness

The WoW has vehicles from all eras thrown into one huge mix with vendors, women in sexy outfits and lots a old bravado to make for one show that deserves to kick off the car/bike show season every year.

Picture of a Shelby AC Cobra

Shelby AC Cobras were present at the World of Wheels show. Both in kit form AND original!

There’s a lot of new school at the show with blown and turbocharged 2013 model year muscle right next to pant-tightening legends like Shelby AC Cobras and pristine antiques such as Ford Model As.

Old skool is represented by all that makes up the category with stretched, slammed, channeled, shaved, decked, filled, pancaked and tubbed hardware peppered throughout the convention center.

Pic of an insanely loud Harley-Davidson custom Dyna

The H-D Dyna got a lot of custom treatment. From big fenders and wheels to lots of loud custom paint, it was very in-your-face

I met up with local rock radio host Johnny Dare and we toured the floor, stopping almost as much to let Dare hand out his autographs and kiss babies as much as to let him drool over old patina Deuces and lowered coupes.  Personal friend Kyle of Moody’s Garage was displaying his fabrication skills and Denny Smith was predictably on hand to show off his amazing attention to detail (and to mix you crisp, hard drink when the security guards weren’t looking!) and work ethic.  A couple of celebrities were also walking the floor, including Roman Glick, bassist for Jackyl!

picture of a custom painted speedboat with a large blower motor

It may be called the World of Wheels, but that didn’t stop the odd boat or two from showing up!

It’s been a decade since I’ve personally been at WoW, but this year was great fun and I hope that we attend next year and can share more pictures and videos.  Speaking of that, check out the slideshow of pictures from the show as well as our quickie video we threw together for ya.

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