Field Trip

Field Trip: 2013 Indianapolis MotoGP


Marc Marquez takes the checker again in Indianapolis. His younger brother’s Moto3 team takes to the fence to congratulate his efforts.

Last week, I had the pleasure of being invited to work my “ass off” for a free trip to Indianapolis for the MotoGP. I put that phrase regarding the loss of my posterior in quotes because it was what I was told would occur upon accepting the invitation. I was also told that I would be tasked with the very important and powerful duty of informing the potentially unaware public of the importance of a properly fitting helmet and the value of having gear they would indeed use. That, coupled with long work hours, a potentially hostile customer base and little food, drink or sleep, the trip sounded not only miserable but dangerous.
I was all in!

The Kentucky Kid coming off the straightaway on his finally US appearance as a MotoGP rider.

On Thursday, the 15th, I met up with Jon, Rich and JP from our local branch of H&H Sports Protection. These guys oversaw the warehouse that stored a small sample of the goodies from the company that makes Torc and NiTek helmets. The crew had a Penske box van filled with helmets and a smaller vehicle dubbed the TorcMobile stacked with goods as well. As soon as I arrived, we departed for Indianapolis and the 9 hour adventure that was unforseen between our departure and arrival.

C1 corner workers at IMS watch the MotoGP spectacle. Sure they have to work, but they’re fans of motorsport as well!

Long story short, this “adventure” consisted of JP losing his wallet shortly after I lost my will to live (eating at White Castle) by leaving it utop of the TorcMobile’s roof and forgetting about it as we drove off. Of course, his recently cashed paycheck was inside of it as well as his social, some credit cards, etc. Then we found both cocaine and cannibus in a carbonated can across from the Anheiser-Busch factory in St. Louis and eventually made our way to the Inidanapolis Motor Speedway and got lost.
In the dark.
For nearly an hour.

valentino rossi

The G.O.A.T., Valentino Rossi, back on the M1 Yamaha for 2013, ripping towards the second corner of IMS

The next couple of days were spent slinging protective gear (which we sell, by the way! Check out Torc for more!) but the final day consisted of walking around, camera straped around my torso, visiting the garages of various Moto3, Moto2 and MotoGP teams in the paddock. I even snapped some pics in the press-pass area before the security teams caught on and booted me. In the end, Rich and I were on the finish line with the Go&Fun Moto3 team watching the premiere MotoGP race from start to finish, going deaf in the process.

I got to hang with this kid from the Go&Fun Moto3 Honda team as he was nervously watching the big bikes of the MotoGP race.

It was a terribly taxing weekend at the races, but I wouldn’t trade the experience for anything. It was my first time at a MotoGP event, hopefully not my last time and something I’ll remember for ever. I was fortunate in how I learned of the needs by the H&H crew, blessed to have such good travel companions and just plain lucky to have been given the chance to watch the races from a viewpoint very few can achieve.
Check out the pictures posted and others on my FLICKr account and thanks for reading!


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