Biker Boots for the Ladies: Joe Rocket Heartbreaker

IMG_5006[1]AKA: Higher the heel… The better you feel!

The other day I got a chance to try on our Joe Rocket Heartbreaker Boot with a 2 1/2 boost in the back, and was really impressed by the overall fit and quality of the boot. I love a comfortable heel in my closet and after wearing this boot and walking around the store for a few minutes I didn’t have any pain in my feet which is a must when you are not carrying an extra pair around with you! You accomplish the “baby got back” feature we desire with the hidden wedge, and the acquired safety you need. Knowing that this is an issue for many women, I am blown away that they were mindful that not all women have the same size calves! The Heartbreaker Boot provides an amazing stretch panel in the back of the boot giving it an A+ in  my book. It also has an added feature of perforated panels to let the air flow through so you do not have to suffer in the heat of the summer. For your basic black riding boot it yields a fairly long list of features, over all I think the boot is awesome and a great must have!

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