Fly DOT WWII German Goodness

Fly 9MM Half Helmet

I think most of us will agree the aggressively sleek styling of the WWII German helmets is just down right cool! People ask for this style helmet ALL the time!! Many helmet brands have tried to copy this German design, but ultimately they have failed in making anything near as cool in a DOT approved helmet. Or, if you do find a nearly perfect rendition of this German helmet, “This… Read More

Go Home Mother Nature; You’re Drunk!

olympia airglide 4 jacket

It’s hot… now raining… now it’s cold… Oh, now your phone app is saying there may be SNOW?! Seriously! It was 80+ degrees a day ago and tonight it is supposed to snow. What motorcycle gear could possibly handle all this changing weather without needing to have saddlebags full of clothing everywhere you go? Answer:  Olympia motorcycle gear! When you’re truly passionate about what you do, it shows, and you can… Read More

MCCLovin Introduction

As a little introduction for myself, one thing you may start to notice with my posts, I love vintage motorcycle related stuff! The older the bike, the better! Personally having a 1980 CX500C, a garage full of parts for it and many more parts on the way, it’s more of an obsession really. My wife doesn’t think I will ever be done tinkering with my CX; to be honest, I… Read More