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Field Trip: 2013 Indianapolis MotoGP

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  Last week, I had the pleasure of being invited to work my “ass off” for a free trip to Indianapolis for the MotoGP. I put that phrase regarding the loss of my posterior in quotes because it was what I was told would occur upon accepting the invitation. I was also told that I would be tasked with the very important and powerful duty of informing the potentially unaware public… Read More

Red, White or Blue? Independence Day Promotion


  Happy Independence Day! Time to Save Some Money The event known as Independence Day is what we pyromaniac Yanks look forward to every summer: we get to take a day off work, blow stuff up, and enjoy a cold one during a warm summer night with friends. Sounds great! The holiday is also an excuse to save a lot of money and we assembled a special selection of goodies for this year’s Independence Day, featuring items… Read More

2013 Art of the Car Concours


This past weekend, Kansas City played host to the Art of the Car Concourse, a traveling carnival of immaculate vehicles of eras past yet remembered fondly.  The show was held on the Kansas City Art Institute (Walt Disney is an alumnus) quad and featured some very rare beasts.  I was there specifically for the motorcycles which were partitioned off in a small corner of the lot but ended up captivated… Read More

Pins of the Week


Pinterest Pins of the Week!  Check out and follow our boards!   Mindy’s first pick: “I love this helmet! It Could be the fact that my dad is Mr. Disco himself or that this helmet would get anyone through the doors of Studio 54…. Either way it’s a gem”     Her second pick is actually a shot she took herself at the Vintage Motorcycle Show from a week ago.… Read More

Summertime Sale!


Summertime at Motorcycle Closeouts The Best Prices to Beat the Heat It’s getting warm out there!  If you haven’t already stocked your motorcycling emergency supply closets with the coolest in warm-weather riding gear and accessories, we have to ask: what are you waiting for?

Father’s Day Sale

fathers day

Father’s Day was originally created in 1910 to complement Mother’s Day which was founded a year earlier.  The holiday grew with the help of trade groups that made very manly stuff such as ties, tobacco pipes and coffee mugs full of gasoline.  70 years later, it became a commercial success and once a year, every year, we think of Dad and rush around at the last minute to find something… Read More

Event: 22nd Annual HoAME Vintage Motorcycle Show

The best behaved dog being towed behind a motorcycle I have ever seen

AKA: “A Weekend In Pictures.” This past Sunday was the 22nd Annual Heart of America Motorcycle Enthusiasts’ Vintage Motorcycle Show.  It’s probably the largest niche show in the Kansas City area with crowds in the hundreds gathering around machinery from all eras for a good part of a day.

Pins of the Week


It’s that time again where we share our Motorcycle Closeouts Pins of the Week!  It’s our effort to share the stuff we like and to prove that there are more than just pics of wedding dresses and cupcakes out there on Pinterest! First up is one of Natasha’s picks: this jet helmet by clothing manufacturer Lacoste.  ”Love this! Perfect glow and color combo.”   The other pin Natasha posted to… Read More

Pins of the Week

aermacci 350 gt

As some of you may know by now, Motorcycle Closeouts has an enthusiastic team of pinners throwing love upon our Pinterest boards all the time!  In the few weeks the boards have been up, we’ve flooded them with more images of hot bikes, hot gear and hot hot than we can keep up with! So, welcome to the first Pins of the Week post on the blog! Mindy chose Hunter S… Read More

Speed and Strength Speed Shop Gear

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Kevin, our Speed and Strength dude, stopped by the shop to show us some of the already released Speed Shop line.  He had already shared the Speed Shop jacket in the past, but we all spent our available time with the garment wearing it around and admiring how awesome we looked.  Before I could grab the camera to take pictures, Kevin had to leave and off in the distance, the sound of… Read More

New Indian, Same Old (Astronomical) Pricing

thunder stroke

  According to a Ride Apart, the new Indian Chief V-Twin motorcycle is going to be sold this summer at a price of $19,000. Purchased by Polaris Industries, the hope is that reviving the brand will bring big new things onto the roads of America and beyond, but with the last couple of attempts at firing new life into the brand have failed, the exclusive price tag seems unfortunately familiar.… Read More

We Are Everywhere: Pinterest!

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If you’ve been following us on the intertubes for a while, you know that the we work hard to be in a few different places at the same time to make sure that you are getting the motorcycling info you want, where you want it.  We are on: Facebook Twitter Google Plus Instagram YouTube And as of today, on Pinterest! We have a lot of motorcycle enthusiasts at Motorcycle Closeouts,… Read More