A Visit From Continental Tire

Today, Jeff from Continental Tire came in to show us some new tread patterns and rubber compounds and all I got was this lousy T-shirt…

Jeff discussing Continental Tires with the retail shop staff at Motorcycle Closeouts

Jeff discussing Continental Tires with the retail shop staff

…Actually, we were given some great bumper stickers but that’s besides the point.

Currently, we do not sell nor ship tires via MotorcycleCloseouts.com, but at our retail shop north of Kansas City, we move plenty!  From folks looking for higher mileage for their cruisers and tourers, dirt riders looking for more traction, road racers working to shave seconds off of their lap times to street guys trying to save a buck, the retail shop orders and moves a lot of tires.  Because of that, we are constantly trying to have the most sought-after models on-hand and of course, the knowledge to help those with questions.

Checking out some of the new Continental Tires

We were lucky to have Jeff stop in and give us the 411 on existing Continental models like the ContiSportAttack 2 and TKC-80 as well as newer versions of legacy marques like the ContiRoadAttack 2 CR.  From the technology to fitment and everything else, we learned a lot. For instance, Continental uses a multi-compound system not unlike Dunlop and Michelin but Continental uses what they call Continuous Compound

Tire Stickers

In summary, if you’re local and are in need of new tires for Spring, allow us to share our renewed knowledge with you!


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