A Helmet Made From Skratch

a picture of painter Skratch at the Dealer Expo

Skratch in deep concentration

Last week, Big Boss and I drove 9 hours East to Indianapolis for the 2013 Dealer Expo and IMS Motorcycle Show double-header.  Not only were there lots motorcycles on hand, there were also a plethora of parts and gizmos for bikes as well.  Dealers from all over the country (and beyond) were walking the floor and every once in a while, a celebrity would pop up out of the crowd.  While at the show, I ran into Skratch.

If you’ve never heard of Skratch, he’s known to be a car builder, fabricator and most recently has garnered fame for his painting skills.  Skratch was on TLC’s Overhaulin’ with Chip Foose for four seasons and earned his name prior to the show because he can make anything… From scratch.

I’ve personally been a fan of his painting for a while now and didn’t even know about his tenure on Overhaulin’.  It wasn’t until meeting him and another passerby mentioned the show that I realized it.

Just a little embarrasing.

Luckily, Skratch was a very down-to-earth guy who knew he was good at his craft and was happy to share it with people.  He allowed me to film him as he worked on a commissioned piece for Miller High Life beverages. I may have even scored a custom helmet from the painter premiere…

Check out our exclusive video featuring Skratch of Skratch’s Garage!

If you’ve never seen his art for Bell Helmets, check out the Custom 500 video below starring the Cherry Dollface.

A super huge thanks to Skratch for taking the time and being a straight player.  Follow him!

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