2013 Art of the Car Concours

moto morini 3 1/2 motorcycle

This past weekend, Kansas City played host to the Art of the Car Concourse, a traveling carnival of immaculate vehicles of eras past yet remembered fondly.  The show was held on the Kansas City Art Institute (Walt Disney is an alumnus) quad and featured some very rare beasts.  I was there specifically for the motorcycles which were partitioned off in a small corner of the lot but ended up captivated by the larger assortment of three and two-wheeled vehicles displayed.


a small but expense fleet of motorcycles on display at the show

Matchless motorcycle speedometer

The show was attended by VIPs Sir Sterling Moss and Denise McCluggage.  Moss, a living legend, is considered to be the greatest racing driver “to never win a championship.” I was stoked to meet the playboy and jet setter (two days in a row too!) in the flesh.  I can cross that off the bucket list.

A rare Ducati 750 super sport motorcycle

Norton 850 Commando motorcycle

Again, this was a car show that happened to have some excellent motorcycles on display. If you’re interested in seeing a sample of the cars that were on hand, check out the slide show from this past weekend!

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